About Us

Welcome to Bassahaulic Productions! 

Drew Jones started his car audio path by spending four years running a Louisiana based Car Audio Shop near his home. Through the many years of working in this field, he has gained the knowledge and experience from decade's worth of installing, building, testing, and competing on the national level in both USACi and MECA. 

Customers of Bassahaulic Productions will receive enclosure specifications, full cut sheet, along with 2D Renderings from multiple angles showing you EXACTLY how your enclosure will be assembled and look once it is built.

Custom designs take into account the customers vehicle, which subwoofer(s) you choose to use, how many you choose to use, along with power being used, enclosure type, wood thickness, system goals, maximum dimensions, and anything additional requested by the customer for added aesthetics.

Thank you all so much for your support, 

Drew Jones .... a.k.a. Bassahaulic